You focus on the fun part of making games.
We'll take care of the boring stuff for you.

What can Nexus do for you?

Our mission is to allow you to focus on the things you enjoy, so that you can achieve the highest quality product.

With our flagship product Nexus we can simplify your life and save you time.


The Identity Service allows your users to authenticate their accounts through different mechanisms.

It solves: account registration, guest access, email login, metamask login, password recovery, and more.

Blockchain Monetization

The Store Service allows you to sell virtual goods on Binance Smart Chain.

It solves: virtual product management, user payments, synchronization with the blockchain and more.


The Leaderboard Service allows your games to have score tables to recognize the best players.

It solves: score table management, score uploading, rankings, and more.


The Logger Service allows you to collect information about your projects.

It solves: logging of errors and user actions.

Cloud Storage

The Storage Service allows your users to easily store and retrieve information.

It solves: This solves: saving and loading data from your game or application.

Learn More About Us

Forja Games Nexus

Nexus is our flagship product. It is a SaaS for software developers, especially for the gaming industry.

Our Portfolio

We develop tools and applications for different platforms.

Free Software

We don't only develop commercial software! We have also created free applications and tools to give our contribution to the community.

A little bit About Us

We are a group of Argentine software developers with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Because of our passion for games, we decided to create Forja Games in 2013.

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